Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Superhero Party!

Finally getting around to posting pictures from my sons superhero party.  He loves all kinds of superheros now so it was an easy party to pull together. 
invitationinvitation back side
Here is the invitation- I tried to make it look like the batman light.  The back side of the invitation had lots of superhero logos plus a custom one for Cason.
Balloons lining the entrance path
Welcome sign!
Party guests got to choose their capes when they entered. 
The capes were made with old mens shirts, then used contact paper to make stars and bleach sprayed to make the light splotches around them.  Of course, my cape had to be special!
I designed a large poster to hang above the dessert table.
Snack food.  Captain crunch with milk in cups decorated with washi tape.
More snack food.  A kids party essential!

Even the tiniest guests had capes!
Water bottles with custom labels
The Flash lightning bolt cookies.
Party favors filled with superhero goodies.
Green rock candy = kryptonite
Letterpressed happy birthday banner
More dessert table pictures.
Close up of the water bottle labels.
Greek yogurt parfaits with cherries and granola.  A surprise party hit!  Jars from Hobby Lobby and “4” tags from Simply Pressed.
All of Cason’s superhero favorites make easy decorations.
Another banner.  Wish you could see the letters in glitter.
I took a comic book and cut it into another banner.  
I had some leftover paper so I made another banner.
I don’t know if you can read it but it says “grown up superhero drinks”.  You know, sprite and coke!
Birthday Cake!  I made the cake and purchased some black fondant from a local baker.  Rolled it out and a friend cut all the little black circles and applied them to the cake.  I made a cake topper with his name and some superhero flags.
Popcorn bags.
Cups for punch with custom flags.
Hulk Juice = green punch
This was probably the most labor intensive part of the party.  Layered jello in little cups…. on an angle.  It’s an involved process with 3 flavors of jello, a white jello, a muffin tin, and some stamped wooden spoons.  Took forever. 
And I couldn’t end without the birthday boy picture.  I got his shirt on etsy.


  1. That is so amazing. I love all the details. The invitation is so cute and so are all the other graphics. You must have spent hours on that party! I love the jello. I hope people appreciated it, before they ate it!

  2. I love every single thing about this party!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. I love every single thing about this party!!! Thank you for sharing!!


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