Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before and After- Laundry Room Makeover

Our entire house is a work in progress. 
I hate it and love it at the same time. 
There are so many spots that I have plans for but no time or money or energy. 
This was one of those spots.

When we painted the kitchen (3 years ago) I intentionally left the laundry area white because I knew I wanted to pop it with a color later. 
Well, 3 years later is as good of a time as any.

Here is the before. 
I forgot to take a real before, like before I moved the washer and dryer but you get the idea. 

Since we were using such a dark color,
and I had used this particular dark color before,
I decided to break my 1 painting rule and prime first.

Okay, that's not my one painting rule,
but priming requires a lot of work with very little instant gratification.

Here is my painting assistant working on the finishing touches. 
Even with the priming it still took 2 thick coats of the dark blue.

We had to work at night because that's when the little one is asleep. 
That would normally be no big deal except the overhead light in that area kept overheating and shutting off so we were really in the dark... trying to paint a dark color. 
It wasn't ideal.

And here's the finished product. 

I Love It!

The cabinet and shelf are from Ikea. 
The roman shades match the ones in my kitchen area.
A friend of ours started a photo canvas business (check him out on Facebook HERE) and he printed the photo of Cason in the dryer.  It turned out so good!
I spray painted the cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby silver. 

I tried to get a better picture of the canvas but I think there is too much light coming in. 
It's stretched around a super durable frame and his pricing can't be beat.

Check THIS POST to see the picture before I edited it for the canvas.  I love photoshop!

I still don't LOVE doing laundry but I tolerate it because at least my space is pretty!


  1. Catherine ~ So cute! I am just like you, guilty of letting things go until "later". Nice to see you've finally treated yourself to a fun laundry space! :)


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